BG Sampat& Associates is a professional chemical consulting company with close to 100 man-years of experience. BGS&A has rich Chemical Industry experience encompassing R&D, Corporate Planning, Business optimisation and development. All the personnel connected with BGS&A are professional chemical engineers. BGS&A backed by its expertise, dedication and quality have been serving specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fuel additives, petrochemicals, dyes and pigments, agro chemicals etc. sectors.


BGS&A is managed by Birendra G. Sampat, a professional chemical engineer with 44 years of Chemical industry and consultancy experience has worked in various capacities in R&D, project planning and execution, business development and providing useful business data for reducing the cost of production leading to increased profitability. Mr. Sampat is at present totally devoted to consultancy and business development activities that include preparing global profiles that cover, but not limited to, manufacturing processes, global production, derivatives, growth pattern and future demand projection.  Besides, information gathered will be analysed for finding out the alternate sources of supply, cost reduction and value addition, new end-uses or new customers and possible diversification by forward and backward integration. BGS&A has good experience in initiating new research projects that require literature survey and planning of experiments for new molecule etc.

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